Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thoughts on Family Part II

WARNING: I am sad today. If you read this post you're gonna find out why.

Why are families so important, and why do they often break our hearts? Sounds like the first lines of a country song. Oh, what a day it's been. I think I'm gonna change my email address and move to Fiji. Ugh. Despite our best efforts, sometime certain aspects of our lives just fall apart. Despite searching and searching for the very best, most effective words, sometimes we continue to be misunderstood. Despite our good intentions, sometimes people insist on disliking and criticizing us anyway. And sometimes those people are those we share blood and a lifetime of history with. It's heartbreaking. It's sickening. It's exasperating. It's damaging to the soul and sometimes all you can do is walk away and shut the proverbial door. Say, "you go on and have a good life, now, and I will do my best to have the same." That's all. What a shame it is, but life has to go on, as does the quest for joy, fulfillment, and a positive attitude. The alternative is despair, and that is completely unacceptable.
No poison allowed.

And on that note, happy Sunday! Glad I got that off my chest. Had to say it. I was about to explode. Now I feel much better. Well, maybe a tiny bit better. We're moving on. Let's go and make it a good week. Inhale... exhale... find the peace. That's my goal.

"Family quarrels have a total bitterness unmatched by others." —Mignon McLaughlin

"Family is just accident. They don't mean to get on your nerves. They don't even mean to be your family, they just are." —Marsha Norman

"No matter what you've done for yourself or for humanity, if you can't look back on having given love and attention to your own family, what have you really accomplished?" —Elbert Hubbard