Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Seeking Peace

So, today is election day in America. Yesterday I threw away a stack of political advertisements that had come in the mail over the past several days. What a pile of garbage, literally! And I don't even want to answer my phone any more, what with all of the pre-recorded political calls. What a waste. It's so disappointing, really, to see what our system has become. Do we want ANY of these people in positions of leadership over us? I think when I go to vote today I will be holding my nose. Other than one or two good choices who I strongly support, the others can all go jump in a lake as far as I am concerned. I know it is important to be informed and to vote, but it's become a real mess out there...

And I won't get overly personal here, but I have been struggling in many aspects of my personal life lately. Being misunderstood, and not being able to find a way to BE understood, is highly frustrating. I have a
hard time just walking away but that is what I am doing because I know it is best. I grieve for the lost relationship. Sometimes things happen, and we don't see the purpose for a while, until after some time has passed. I pray for that clarity when it comes.

So it is now November. what is usually the start to my favorite time of year. I am seeking to find the wonder and joy that I usually feel. Sometimes I get glimpses of it but it still eludes me. I am working on it. Happiness is a choice, right?

OK, so... I thought I'd share one of my Thanksgiving designs, that is part of THIS clear set (also available by itself as a cling or wood-block rubber stamp HERE). It's a peaceful, season-appropriate saying and I love it. It reminds me to slow down, be thankful for my blessings, and breathe...

Have a good day!

"If you want to turn your life around, try thankfulness. It will change your life mightily." —Gerald Good