Wednesday, November 24, 2010


For these things I am truly thankful:
1. Rich, my eternal sweetie. I love you forever!
2. Stephanie & David, my babies, my precious children, my very life.
3. My savior, Jesus Christ, who did everything for all humankind that we cannot do for ourselves.
4. My country. God bless the USA!
5. My warm and cozy (albeit temporary) home, where I share love and good times with my family who is always there for me!
6. Time. I have learned that time is a gift, and the gift of tomorrow is a wonderful thing. We get to learn and grow (and hopefully improve ourselves) every day. I pray for lots of tomorrows.
7. My extended family and friends. In good ways (and sometimes not-so-good ways) I learn from you all every day. We grow together, or we grow apart, and sometimes a little of both. I hope you all know that I strive always to do my best in my own way.
8. Food to eat and clothes to wear, and yes, my favorite spot in the corner of the sofa by the lamp where I love to curl up and read.
9. An active and creative mind. I love to think, and I love to make things. All kinds of things. It keeps me alive. Never stop learning. Never.
10. My grandmothers, both of whom are still living. How I love your example, and the way you show love to me. It's amazing. I also love that my children have the blessing of knowing their great-grandmothers into their young adulthood.
11. A dependable car.
12. Music. It feeds my soul! Especially music played by my boy David. How I will miss that daily treasure when he moves away!
13. Peace and quiet. I strive to get a little of that every day. Clears the cobwebs from my mind, and allows me to search my soul. It's a good thing.
14. Employment, and the ability (and blessing) Rich and I have of providing for ourselves and living within our means, and doing it in an honest way.
15. Going to bed each night with a clear conscience - or trying to. Peace. It's what I strive for.

Well, that's a pretty good starter list. I think I'll go put my head on my pillow in my warm and cozy bed and think of some more. And I will say a special prayer tonight for those who are alone or lonely. And for my Steph, enduring her first Utah winter. Be warm, my baby!

Happy Thanksgiving. Don't make it all about the food or the football. Focus on the truly important things. Life is such a blessing! Oh - I just thought of #16 and #17 for my list: sunshine and fresh air.

Good night! Happy long weekend! Love your life!

"If the only prayer you said in your whole life was 'thank you,' that would suffice." —Meister Eckhart