Thursday, September 27, 2012

Scary Little Ghosties

I am hosting a small gathering at my home this weekend, and in my preparations I've been getting into the Halloween spirit just a little earlier than usual. I made these little ghost cookies last night. They were quick and easy and I think they are adorable. Here's the "recipe":

1 package "Nutter Butter" Cookies
Almond Bark or Vanilla Candy Melts
Small amount of Mini Chocolate Chips

Handy tool to have around: wooden skewer

Melt almond bark in a large shallow dish. Put a handful of mini chocolate chips into a small bowl. Line a large baking sheet with parchment or a silpat. Using your thumb and index finger, pick up one cookie and dip just one flat surface into the melted almond bark. Lift, shake gently to remove excess coating, then turn it over so the coated side is facing up (you're still holding the cooking between your thumb and index finger). At this point, shake/wave your hand gently to smooth out the coating on the cookie, then gently place it onto the prepared sheet. Place mini chocolate chips for eyes (you can also add mouths. I did eyes only). Repeat with remainder of cookies. Use the wooden skewer to pop any air bubbles on the cookies and to move the cookies around on the sheet if needed (this keeps your fingers from messing up the cookies). Let cool to room temperature. Store tightly covered until ready to serve. 

The only knack to this is the "dip-flip-wave" procedure. Once you do it a couple times you will be a pro.

These cookies are kinda spooky and cute, no? Ok, so that's it for today. Time to run. Make today a good one!

"Eat, drink, and be scary!"  —unknown