Saturday, September 22, 2012

Candy Corn II.

Maybe it's me. I'm having blogger issues these days, and I can't seem to format a post to save my life!! Just please ignore the big space at the top of this post. And the photos won't go where I want them. Whatever. It's free, so I guess this is what we get.) Ok, now that I've gotten that out of my system: Last night I completed my first attempt at a candy corn pillow, and here she is in all her glory! I deliberately left all of the edges raw and let them fray, and used a "rustic" zig-zag stitch for added texture. I think if I make another pillow I will do a few things differently. I would make the whole thing a little smaller, and I would round the bottom edge so the finished pillow has more of an authentic candy corn shape. But other than that, I am mostly happy with the result. I am also thinking of making one out of fleece. We'll see how ambitious I get, what with all of my other projects these days. So anyhoo, this here pillow will be on its way to my Aunt Julie this week. Her birthday is not until October 3rd, and I am excited to get this done and out the door a little early. Yay! Let me know what you think... cute, no?

Yesterday was an exciting day here in NorCal. The Space Shuttle Endeavour, tethered to a 747 jumbo-jet, made a low fly-over downtown Sacramento and the valley on its way to its new permanent home at a museum in southern CA. We saw some awesome footage on the TV, then I raced out to try and see it with my own eyes but I missed it. Oh well... We did visit the Kennedy Space Center in Florida several years ago and we got to go inside a shuttle, so I guess we've already had our share of space thrills... but it was awesome to see some history happening yesterday, as that was the very last time one of our shuttles will fly.

OK, back to my yard work. Hope you all are having a super weekend. Fall is coming on fast around here and we have lots to do...

"Over everything connected with Autumn there lingers a golden spell."  —unknown