Friday, August 6, 2010

The word is: CHANGE

No, this will not be a political post. When I say "Change," I am NOT referring to anything that may or may not be going on in our nation's capitol. What I am referring to is what is going on here in the Allred home.

What are you talking abo
ut, you say? Well, this is it: Rich and I became parents for the first time in January of 1990 (our lovely Stephanie), then again in February of 1992 (our amazing David). When a baby is born it's really easy for parents to assume that child will be a child forever. Let me tell you, that is not the case. The past 20-plus years have passed in a blur, and here we are in 2010 with both of our children officially "adults." Steph is nearly 21 years old and will be moving away next month to pursue a career as a certified nursing assistant. David is 18, graduated from high school this past May and newly-registered with the Selective Service (yep, the draft - it's the law, did you know that?), making this mother just a tad nervous. Our children are long gone, and in their place we now live with two beautiful, wonderful, talented, responsible, respectful, creative, righteous, gorgeous (and, I must say, also kinda messy) grown-up people. How did that happen? I still love them as if they were my babies, but they are definitely not babies any more. Luckily they still let me hug and kiss them and they say "I love you" back when I say it to them, which is about forty-seven times a day.

I am so very proud of the
people that my children have become, and I am so very excited for what the future holds for both of them. Rich, thank you for being a wonderful father and for giving me the sweet gift of motherhood, embodied in our Stephanie and our David. What a blessing the three of you are to me!

So, the word for today is CHANGE, because I feel like so many things are changing, and sometimes I feel not quite ready for the changes. For all of you young moms and dads out there, let me remind you to hug your babies a lot, because they get big fast. I know you know this. The cliches are true.

"Time flies on wings of lightning; We cannot call it back." —Robert B. Baird

"Teach a child while in his youth; teach a child to love the truth.
And the covenants and promises he makes
will be a shield and protection for all his days."
—Steven K. Perry