Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More Chicago Memories

I had never been to Chicago before I went there last month for the CHA convention. It was big, exciting, and humid! Diane and I shared a room at the Crowne Plaza, right across the street from the convention center. We had a great time! In addition to the days spent at the convention, shows and classes we ate out some, had room service some, rode the "L" downtown a couple of times, went to movies, walked and walked, spent lots of money, and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. But as always, I am so ready to go home at the end of a trip. I get really homesick after about four or five days. But of course I made the best of it and had a blast anyway, while making frequent phone calls home to the fam who I missed like crazy. They are the best, don't you know!

So anyway, our room at the hotel was on the tenth floor, and there was this really great sign in the hallway just outside the elevators. And being a band and choir mom (and former marching band member myself), I got a chuckle out of it! I took a picture of the sign, which (like all pictures I take) did not turn out the greatest. The sign said, "Welcome to the Quiet Zone" and the second bullet point read "No children, leisure groups, marching bands, or circus animals will be assigned to this area." Ha - gotta love it! And it was nice and quiet up there, I have to say.

Thanks again Diane for a great trip!

"Travel and change of pace impart new vigor to the mind." —Seneca