Saturday, April 16, 2011


Our son David is singing this semester with the amazing Sac State Jazz Singers. I was able to travel to Monterey a couple weekends ago to watch them perform in Monterey's Next Generation Jazz Festival. They were so incredibly good, and I am so proud of my boy David! Click on the photo here for a link to one of their rehearsals for the original song "Radiance." There is a beautiful and sad story behind this song, and the words, written by the talented Julia Dollison and arranged by Kerry Marsh, tell the story of a baby girl who passed away, as seen through the eyes of her parents. The song is heart-wrenchingly beautiful.

Here are the lyrics to "Radiance:"

Sometimes in her sleep she smiles.
Is she dreaming? Is she far away?
Sometimes in her sleep she laughs.
Is she playing games? Does she wish she could stay?

Sometimes in her sleep she cries,
And you hold her and pray.

Morning comes, and she'll forget.
Things she dreams about never make much sense.
And the sun shines in so bright,
Just like her radiance.

All these moments fly by so quickly,
But she never seems to mind,
As long as you're by her side.

And sometimes in her sleep she awakens
To find that you were there all the while.
With a smile, she returns to her dreams.

In this video, David is the tall good-looking young man first seen at approximately 0:38. He is my baby and I thank the Lord every day that we still have him. Life is precious.

"Laugh as long as you breathe and love as long as you live." —unknown