Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lighting the Flame

Today was the day. We removed the protective blue coating from our new appliances, tested and turned on the gas, and tried out our new range for the first time. It is beeeau-tiful! Also today we're having the faucet, garbage disposer, and plumbing installed, and tonight we're going to move the fridge into place. Although it's been *fun* having the refrigerator in the living room right near our front door (NOT), I think I will like having it in the kitchen better... Then next week I will paint our new kitchen island black (can't wait for that - it's gonna look so great!), then the cabinet knobs & drawer pulls go on, then the new light fixtures, then some other miscellaneous trim, then viola... it's a brand new kitchen! Photos will be posted sometime soon.

Oh man has this been a looooooonnnnnnnngggg couple of months without a kitchen, but I am so excited for the end result! Even though we're not completely finished, tomorrow I am going to roast some butternut squash and other veggies and make a big pot of soup. It's one of our favorite things, so I thought it fitting to make this the first meal cooked on our new range! It's gonna be good.

All right, back to work! Have a lovely weekend ya'll.

"The biggest reward for a thing well done is to have it done." —Voltaire