Monday, April 2, 2012

Subway Easter Eggs... Oh My!

I came across this idea today for subway-print Easter eggs and I am SOOOO going to give it a try! It's from lilluna and I LOVE it. I am one of those people (and maybe you are too) who, each time I color Easter eggs I think, "This time I'm going to make them CUTE!" I try like heck to channel my inner Martha and color/decorate the eggs just so. And I always fail... the eggs always end up looking like a three-year-old blind kid made them. Boo. (My apologies to all the three-year-old blind kids out there - I'll bet you have excellent egg-decorating skills! Don't listen to me). Anyhoo, this idea looks amazing and fabulous and I can't wait to sit down with my Steph and give it a go. Hopefully I will share some awesome cute egg photos later this week.

And here's a lil tip for you in case you didn't know: When you boil your eggs, DO NOT use an aluminum pan. I have made this mistake more than once, and guess what? The dye does not stick to eggs boiled in an aluminum pan. So don't be like me. Just sayin.'

OK - gotta run. Lots to do!


"Easter spells out the rare beauty of new life, and of hope, and of wonderful things to come."  —unknown