Monday, March 7, 2011

Old Kitchen: GONE!

Wowza, have we been busy around here. It's been a long weekend of destruction, and as of a few hours ago our old kitchen has been completely wiped off the map. Before I swept up the last of the debris it looked kinda like this picture — well, not quite, but you get the idea! Holy heck let me tell you, old tile countertops are a MESS to remove! Add in some old water damage to the sheet rock and an over-zealous use of nails and staples by whoever put the old kitchen in, and that meant lots of extra work for us! But I have to admit there was something a little gratifying and even kinda fun about taking a hammer and crowbar to those old, chipped, ugly counters! After the countertops went, we removed the last of the old grungy cabinets. And now the worst part is over (we hope) and it's time to watch the new kitchen take shape!

OK, it's back to work... more later!

"Whatever good things we build end up building us." —Jim Rohn