Monday, March 26, 2012

Vanity: the good kind

You can keep your white Christmas or whatever: what I am dreaming of is a new bathroom! Before we moved into this new/old house we wanted to gut and re-do the master bathroom. But one thing led to another and the room that got our attention (and most of our money) first was the kitchen. And we LOVE our new kitchen! But having a nice kitchen only makes the bathrooms seem MORE dismal, if you know what I mean. So as we are on the brink of our second spring here, and with a decent tax refund on its way from uncle Sam, I am trying to convince the hubs that it's time to do something about the toilette. I've started collecting some pretty pictures and refining what it is what I want to have in the new space. The funds are tight, and holy Moses have you priced bathroom vanity cabinets lately? They cost some coin, let me tell you. But lucky for us I am very fond of the idea of re-purposing an old dresser or buffet cabinet, fitted with a new granite top and some lovely vessel sinks... so the planning process begins, and we'll see how it goes. Here are some of my inspiration photos. 

This will probably be a slow and gradual process, doing a little here and there as the budget allows. 
We already have a lovely large mirror and I've already purchased the light fixtures. And there's a large floor-to ceiling cabinet already in the space that I am going to try and refinish and move to the opposite wall. I just might post some "before" pictures sometime soon... but for now I gotta run. Duty and family call!


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