Friday, March 9, 2012

Are You a Good Witch?

Here's another sneak peek at the new "Oz" collection I am working on. Did you know there are good witches as well as bad witches? Which kind of a witch are you? That's the question that was asked of Dorothy when she landed in Oz. Dorothy had never before considered herself a witch at all. But each of us can use our power and influence in the world for either good or evil purposes, and it's completely up to us which way we choose to go: toward the good, or away from it.

By giving to others we actually bless ourselves. By putting the goodness within us to work for others, for nurturing love for love’s sake, by giving of ourselves unselfishly, goodness will flow back to us. Love expands, and selfishness contracts. The more you expand and feel for others, the more you purify your own heart, aligning yourself with the will of God.

So the message for today is: be a GOOD WITCH! Go out into the world and put some good where maybe there was none. Be nice, be good, and be happy. It's the way to the emerald city! 

"Goodness speaks in a whisper, while evil shouts."  —Tibetan Proverb

"Goodness is love in action."  —Robert Hamilton