Thursday, August 4, 2011

I'm Back with some Blog Love!

Hey. How are you? Me, I've had a rough couple of weeks. My oral surgery went well and I am on the mend, but I am still numb and sore and it's been no picnic, I can't lie. Ever had a connective tissue graft in your mouth? Well, it's about as fun as it sounds. But all in all I am doing ok... and I've had lots and lots of help from my sweet family and my amazing friends, so that part has been great! I've really learned over the years that the whole "bearing one another's burdens" thing is really what life is all about. How thankful I am to have loving and supportive people around me!! Oh, yes I am.

So, this week the amazing design team gals over at Impression Obsession have an "orange" color card challenge going on. The lovely and talented Laura Fulcher and Daniela Dobson both created birthday cards using several of my new stamp designs. They turned out so cute, and I love them (both the cards AND the ladies!). Click on the card images for links to the clear stamp sets. Laura used CL329 "Let Them Eat Cake," and Daniela used WP328 "On This Day." These sets are also shown below (with links) for your viewing pleasure! 

So... In addition to trying to get my mouth feeling better these past couple weeks, I have been busy busy busy with work and life. Never a dull moment! I will hopefully have some exciting news to share in the next week or so. Well, I think it's exciting, anyway, and I really hope you will, too!! Rich has been hard at work helping me with my new venture, and I can't thank him enough for all he does for me. Sweetie, you are wonderful and I love you!! Also, David heads back to college classes in another couple of weeks. Can't believe the summer is almost over... how did it get to be August already? My goodness.

OK, time for a snooze. Good night! Here's wishing the rest of your week is fantastic and wonderful. Go make yourself a happy life!

"Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help create the fact."  —William James

"He who has a why to live can bear most any how."  —Friedrich Nietzsche