Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Word is: HOME

 Just got home (last night) from a trip to Utah to visit my sweet sweet grandmother, aunt, uncle, cousins, and friends. It was a good time, and I had great intentions of taking lots of photos. I even had my camera in my bag the entire time... and how many pictures did I take? That would be, um, zeeeerrro. What a bad blogger I am. I was just having so much fun visiting with everyone, and I just never ever EVER think to take pictures until it's too late. I need to change that. Bummer. 

So my grandmother has been patiently asking me, ever since we completed our kitchen remodel over a year ago, to show her some photos of our new-old home. And since Rich is so helpful and amazing, we did manage to get some photos last week of our home, that I was able to take with me to Utah. Here are a few of those. 

OK, well, It is WONDERFUL to be home. Today and the rest of the week will be filled with unpacking, laundry, housework, grocery shopping, and getting caught up on mom-work as well as work-work. Oh, and lots of hugging on Rich and my kiddos. I missed my family! Life is so good and I am so very blessed. Time to run... 

"Where we love is home."  —Oliver Wendell Holmes