Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Short Valentine's Day Epilogue...

Just a quick comment... I am sitting here at my computer after a very long, nice day (except for the going-to-the-dentist part). I am thoroughly and completely exhausted, while in the kitchen my sweet husband is DOING THE DISHES. Oh how I love that man of mine. Not just for doing the dishes, but for so many reasons. He is nice, he works hard and without complaint for our family, he keeps getting out of bed every morning, he is honest, he is honorable, and he's also amazingly cute for an almost 52-year-old geezer. Just kidding, sweetie! I love you more and more every day. Forever and ever. Rich plus Kalani. It's true love, man.

"Can't help lovin' that man of mine!"  —Oscar Hammerstein