Thursday, June 23, 2011

What I Did Today...

So much on my mind. Today I had the opportunity to celebrate both birth and death with some of my closest friends. Both ends of life. The full spectrum. Today my friends Kari and Kris buried their father, who passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on June 12 while traveling in Europe. And also today my friends Andy and Sharlie celebrated the second birthday of their cute, adorable and amazing miracle son Tavin. It was a great day full of many emotions. Made me think lots about my own life... Wishing I could change some things that are beyond my power to change. Wishing I could more fully let go of some things that are currently causing my heart to ache. Wishing certain things were different, but at the same time knowing and rejoicing in the love that I do have in my life, both from my family and from my friends — that love nurtures me and sustains me and it's wonderful.

Sometimes our joy is overflowing and we have lots to celebrate; sometimes we find that life gets heavy and hard and difficult to bear. And sometimes we experience both joy and sorrow simultaneously. But at all times we should rally together with those we love and share both the joys and the burdens of life. Thus the way gets easier for all. Our joy is multiplied and our grief is made more bearable. That's how it should be. We care, and we love, and we never stop, and we show that care and love through our actions. It's a beautiful thing, especially when we remember that our Savior has already suffered all things for us, and when we turn to him and place our burdens at his feet he stands ready to bless us. Oh, life is good! Lay those burdens down and be joyful.

"To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die."  —Thomas Campbell

"Life is eternal and love is immortal and death is only a horizon, and a horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight."  —R.W. Raymond