Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New Fall & Winter Goodies

Hey - It's been a rough month, sorry for not posting for a while. I am recovering from some oral surgery that involved my lower jaw and it's been no fun...

Anyhoo, in spite of my sore mouth I am excited about my new stamp designs that were unveiled at the CHA convention in Chicago last week! Daniela Dobson and the other design team gals over at Impression Obsession have been putting out some sweet sample cards using my stamps so I thought I'd share one of those today. This card features my "Winter Banner" stamp. Such fun, and so versatile! Love it. There are lots of other new Fall & Winter goodies as well - hop on over to IO and check them out!

Ok, well, I gotta run. Are we all enjoying our summer? How quickly time is flying by... There are so many things about summer that I love, and right up there on the list is fresh fruit. I ate the most luscious peach yesterday... even though I had to cut it into tiny pieces to fit it into my sore mouth, it was delightful! Yummmmmmm.


"In Summer, the song sings itself."  —William Carlos Williams