Friday, October 7, 2011

If I Were a Zombie...

Found this awesome song the other day. It's appropriate for Halloween, so I thought I'd share. Love Stephanie Mabey. She has a great voice and is very entertaining. If you're in the SLC area you can see her perform tonight at the Rooftop Concert in Provo. (wish I could be there...) Click HERE to watch/listen. Enjoy! Stephanie's one of the opening acts for the headlining group, THE LOWER LIGHTS, which is one of my absolute favorites! Oh, how I wish I were in Provo!
I'm sharing a card today from the beautiful and so-talented Daniela Dobson from Impression Obsession's Design Team. She's used stamps from my "Bump In The Night" clear set, also pictured below. Get yours today! Thanks again, Daniela for showing the versatility of my designs. It's fun for me to see what people come up with! You are amazing. It seems like this card was specially designed to coordinate with my blog color scheme and background, am I right?

It's October (duh), and I've been doing a little decorating for the upcoming Fall holidays. Just the front porch, the fireplace, and the dining room. I prefer to go with pumpkins, fall leaves, etc., and I generally steer clear of jack-o-lanterns and "spooky" stuff. That way the decor works from now clear until Thanksgiving, then the weekend after Thanksgiving we start decorating for Christmas. I've done lots of leaves, branches, a few sunflowers, and pumpkins in shades of orange in the family room, and have done a few white pumpkins in the dining room. It looks swell if you ask me. (I'll work on getting some pictures taken to share. Taking pictures is a huge downfall of mine and I am trying to learn how to do it...) My sweet grandmother has been waiting for six months now for me to send her photos of our new-old home and remodeled kitchen... shame on me! She reminds me of it every time we talk on the phone. Hang in there Kono - someday!). Anyhoo - Have I mentioned how much I LOVE this time of year? Yes I have and it is TRUE! Oh, and it rained yesterday and was quite cool this morning. Yummy weather!

So I bought several bags of Tootsie Rolls for the trick-or-treaters. Keeping the packages sealed so I don't eat them. So far I have been successful. I have no idea how many little goblins to expect since this will be our first Halloween here in this neighborhood. Not too many kids live nearby, so we'll see... Will probably pick up some Smarties to go with the Tootsie Rolls. Love the vintage candies - they take me back.   

PS - Happy birthday to Aunt Julie! You are the best and I LOVE YOU LIKE CRAZY! 

"If I were a zombie I'd never eat your brain... I'd just want your heart." —Stephanie Mabey